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Id Item name Description Level Item type
3053 Pass to Icespire Haven Teleports you to Icespire Haven 0 Teleportation
3052 Pass to Oasis Haven Teleports you to Oasis Haven 0 Teleportation
3051 Pass to Andes Forest Haven Teleports you to Andes Forest Haven 0 Teleportation
3050 Pass to Sacred Snow Mountain Teleports you to Sacred Snow Mountain 0 Teleportation
3049 Pass to Thundoria Harbor Teleports you to Thundoria Harbor 0 Teleportation
3048 Pass to Thundoria Castle Teleports you to Thundoria Castle 0 Teleportation
2986 Statue Pass Use to return to the side of ally Statue 0 Teleportation
2941 Rebirth Card Mysterious rebirth card. Can be used to attain rebirth immediately upon usage. 0 Teleportation
2883 Air Ticket to Xmas Village Use a ticket to transport you to Xmas Village instantly. 0 Teleportation
2844 Pass to Abandon 4 Teleports to Abaddon 4 upon usage 0 Teleportation
2491 Pass to Naval Base Teleports to Naval Base upon usage 0 Teleportation
2447 Pass to Skeletar Isle? Teleports to Skeletar Isle upon usage 0 Teleportation
2446 Event Pass (Skeletar Isle) Event ticket. Teleports to Skeletar Isle upon usage 0 Teleportation
2445 Caribbean Tour Ticket Teleports you to Caribbean Gulf 0 Teleportation
583 Pass to Autumn Use it to return to Autumn Island 0 Teleportation
563 Pass to Summer Use it to return to Summer Island 0 Teleportation
332 Ticket to Spring Use to get back to Spring Town 0 Teleportation

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