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Feline Soul Grass

Feline Soul Grass Grass that contains the spirit of cats


Level 0
Race Any
Profession Any
Price 500000
Traded Yes
Discard Yes
Banked Yes
Picked Yes
Stackable by 99 s.



Можно купить у НПС

NPC name Area Coordinates
Physican - Ditto Ascaron 7 (Argent City, Abandon Mine) 2251/2770
Physican - Daisha Deep Blue 4 (Icicle Castle) 1353/499
Physician - Shala Magical Ocean 3 (Shaitan City, Hubble Haven, Oasis Haven) 903/3647
Physician - Vegito Winter Moon Island 276/877

Можно получить в результате анализа

Id Catalyst name Item level
2636 Plant Catalyst 70+

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