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Athena Clawstone

Athena Clawstone Gem from unknown region that radiates endless ray of energy. Can be forged into gloves


Level 70
Race Any
Profession Seal Master
Price 61782
Traded Yes
Discard Yes
Banked Yes
Picked Yes
Stackable None


Constitution +7
Spirit +3
Defence +25
Spirit points +100
Hit rate +60
HP recovery +1
SP recovery +3

Dropped from

Id Monster name Level % Quest?
976 Abyss Prisoner - Aruthur 80 3.00 No
805 Barborosa 85 3.00 No

Можно получить у НПС при обмене

NPC name Area Coordinates
Sacred War Clerk Marya Deep Blue 4 (Icicle Castle) 1450/613
Scared War Administrator - Naya Magical Ocean 3 (Shaitan City, Hubble Haven, Oasis Haven) 981/3603

Можно обменять на другие предметы у НПС

NPC name Area Coordinates
Furnace of Immortality Deep Blue 9 (Spring Island, Summer Island, Autumn Island) 3258/2502

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