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Styx's Wanderer

Styx's Wanderer Lv 75 Seal Master Boss Shoes


Level 75
Race Phyllis Ami
Profession Seal Master
Price 60000
Traded Yes
Discard Yes
Banked Yes
Picked Yes
Stackable None


Constitution +4
Spirit +8
Defence +30-35
Spirit points +130
Dodge +60-65
SP recovery +5

Можно получить у НПС при обмене

NPC name Area Coordinates
Treasure Hunter Leya Ascaron 7 (Argent City, Abandon Mine) 2190/2775
Furnace of Immortality Deep Blue 9 (Spring Island, Summer Island, Autumn Island) 3258/2502

Можно получить используя следующие предметы

Id Item name Level Amount %
2841 Chest of Styx 0 1

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